About the brand

What Is a Love Savage?

 Being a Love Savage is in all of us. It means incorporating passion and principle. Finding something you love and being a savage about it to succeed by any means. As the creator of this brand, I’ve always led my life with this notion. In high school and college, I was passionate about playing basketball and doing my best. As my career evolved, I used this same dedication to continue my journey as a basketball coach and educator to inner-city youth. The passion I have for the game, coaching, and most importantly my students, has allowed me to do what I love while making a difference in my community. In the same way it took being a savage to defeat opponents in basketball, I’ve been a savage to ensure my students get the best education and guidance. Now, I’ve created a brand that has next-level style and meaning. When you wear Love Savage clothing, the world will know you are a savage about all you love, and you will do anything to achieve your goals. This is what Love Savage clothing is about. 


Owner/Creative Designer- Love Savage Clothing